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Yap Inc.

''CEO Masaya Yamamoto''

Established Since March 2023

Capital: 12,000,000 yen



Masaya Yamamoto

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A bright future for Japan's pharmaceutical industry

I have spent over 25 years building a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

The questions and issues from that time remain unresolved.

The industrial structure has yet to catch up with legal revisions that have become stricter year by year because fundamental solutions have been put on the back burner.

There are doctors with the world's most advanced medical technology, so why aren't cutting-edge medicines entering the market?

Japan's pharmaceutical supply insecurity is a big problem, but has it been resolved for over three years? Will rebates and allowances disappear?

Yap breaks taboos.

We can do this because we know everything about the field.

Explaining Japan's pharmaceutical industry to the world is the first step towards innovation. And we uniquely solve your why. We are a game changer.

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