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New Solutions for the
Pharmaceutical Industry

Open up the Japanese pharmaceutical market.

We are a group of professionals who support pharmaceutical companies entering the Japanese market in various ways.

We will maximize the value of your company's products through market research for medical products, comprehensive BPO for establishing and operating a Japanese subsidiary, application for approval to the authorities, unique logistics design, etc.

We want to be your best partner in challenging the enormous Japanese market.

Vaccine Production Line

To bring as many long-
loved medicines to
Japan as possible

In Japan, 15,000 prescription drugs are prescribed every day.

However, many drugs are still prescribed to many patients worldwide, but their existence is not even known in Japan.

We hope to deliver as many such drugs as possible to Japanese patients.

Japan's new drug approval time is short.

A report by the Center for Innovation in Regulatory Science (CIRS) states that the approval time for new drugs by the Japanese review agency PMDA is the second shortest after that of the FDA (US).

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Support for pharmaceutical companies entering the Japanese market

We support pharmaceutical companies in various ways to expand their business in Japan to bring medicines that are not yet available in Japan to Japanese patients.

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